Providing Dewatering Solutions for:

  • System Failures/Maintenance
  • Pond Cleanout, recovering lost volume
  • Drying Beds, increasing volume 6 fold without new area
  • Digester Sludge, dispose of only dry solids

Waste water systems occasionally fail or must be shut down for needed maintenance. Mechanical dewatering may breakdown. Now you can have a standby solution to continued seamless operation. having a Geotextile Tube in stock is the key. Just roll it our and get started avoiding costly delays in the dewatering process.

Pond Cleanout

Ponds can be cleaned and dewatered while in service, returning the lost volume due to sludge buildup. It is a quick and inexpensive cleaning solution.

Drying Beds

If you still use conventional drying beds and are outgrowing their capacity, Geotextile Tubes can be the answer. Using Geotextile Tubes in the existing drying beds will increase. the capacity of each bed six fold without needing any new space. No capital investment required. TCEQ approved technology.

Digester Sludge

Dewater on site using Geotextile Tubes and existing personnel. No special permits required. After material dries, haul only the dry material and save on not paying for disposing of the water.