Polymer Additive Enhances Geotextile Performance

Helps in Solids Consolidation, Water Quality

A simple additive can make this technology perform substantially better.

The use of a polymer additive to sludge allows Geotextile technology to work faster and produce easier to handle solid material. A number of polymers are available and they are formulated to match the sludge material being dewatered.

The polymers are used to “pretreat” the sludge material. The treated sludge “flocks” or separates solids from water more easily, allowing the water to drain faster from the tubes. This improves the efficiency of the entire system.

The polymer does not adversely affect effluent water quality, and cost of the polymer additive is minimal.

In addition, specialized polymer additives can even make it possible to remove certain amounts of nutrients from the sludge. For example, if a farm’s environmental plan calls for the 85% removal of phosphates, then it is possible to adjust the additive mix so that the dewatering process reaches this goal.

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